Saturday, April 12, 2008

New Products - Ghirardelli's Four New Chocolate Bars

I love appetizers and entrees more than desserts, but now and then, like most people, a good dessert is really hard to resist.

Also, like most people, I like chocolate. In small doses. It's certainly not something I eat every day, but once a week is just fine.

When I'm in the mood for a chocolate bar, I usually choose Ghirardelli. If you're not familiar with Ghirardelli (and who isn't?), it's a famous San Francisco based maker of fine, premium chocolate products since 1852.

Ghirardelli has just introduced four new filled chocolate bars, and I must say, all of them sound scrumptious. Here they are:

Milk Chocolate with Caramel Filing

Milky mild chocolate filled with buttery caramel describes this new bar. It's my personal favorite because I adore milk chocolate. Ghirardelli recommends you pair this bar with salty and crunchy snacks like almonds, peanuts, or caramel corn. I recommend you enjoy it on its own.

Dark Chocolate with Raspberry Filling

Decadently delicious dark chocolate filled with fruity raspberry filling. Who couldn't love this bar? Ghirardelli suggest you pair it with strawberries, hazelnuts, or vanilla ice-cream.

Dark Chocolate with Caramel Filling

More intense than the milk chocolate bar, Ghirardelli recommends pairing this one with red wine or black tea - as if we have to pair it with anything, it's so delicious on its own.

Dark Chocolate with Mint Filling

Intense, velvety chocolate and cool, refreshing mint work together to enhance each other. And make no mistake - they do. Ghirardelli suggests pairing this exquisite bar with fruit, nuts, or green tea. We suggest you eat it alone and just enjoy.

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