Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Recipe - Peppermint Bark

Everyone I know loves Peppermint Bark at Christmastime. Dark chocolate, white chocolate, minty candy canes. While it's always best to temper your chocolate, you can use untempered chocolate. If you do, however, please be aware that Peppermint Bark made from untempered chocolate will melt quickly and will need to be stored in the refrigerator. Also, it will not travel at all well.


8 oz. (1 1/3 Cups) dark chocolate, chopped
8 oz. (1 1/3 Cups) white chocolate, chopped
6 peppermint candy canes


1. Unwrap the candy canes and place them in a food processor. Pulse on/off several times, until the canes have been chopped into small pieces. Alternately, place the candy canes in a large Ziploc bag and seal tightly. Use a rolling pin or mallet to roll/smash the candy canes until they are the size you desire.

2. Prepare a cookie sheet by covering it with smooth aluminum foil.

3. Melt and temper the dark chocolate. Pour the chocolate onto the prepared cookie sheet using an offset spatula to spread it to a uniform 1/8” thickness. The chocolate does not have to reach all sides of the sheet, as it will be broken up later. Place the tray in the refrigerator to firm up for 15 minutes.

4. While the dark chocolate hardens, temper the white chocolate.

5. Remove the tray from the refrigerator and spread the white chocolate in an even layer over the dark chocolate.

6. While the white chocolate is still wet, sprinkle the chopped candy cane pieces over the entire surface evenly. Press down very slightly to ensure they stick. Place the tray back in the refrigerator to firm up for 30 minutes.

7. Once bark is completely set, break into small, uneven pieces by hand.