Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Egg Trivia

I love eggs. I love eating them and I love cooking them. No, I don't overdo it because like other healthy eaters, I don't want the extra cholesterol. But a few eggs each week are good for most of us in good health and not detrimental at all.

Being a lover of eggs, I also enjoy "egg trivia" and thought you might, too.

Boiled duck eggs offer a totally different visual experience than do boiled chicken eggs. Why? Because the "whites" of duck eggs turn light blue, while the yolk turns a deep, reddish orange. These exotic (for an egg!) colors make for a very interesting and different presentation on the gourmet table.

White shelled eggs come from hens with white feathers. Okay. No mystery there. So do brown eggs come from hens with brown feathers? Nope. They come from hens with red feathers. So why aren't the red? LOL

A week in the refrigerator is equivalent to a day at room temperature for an egg. Keep this in mind for food safety's sake.

If you're not sure whether an egg has been cooked, spin it. If it spins well, it's been hard cooked. If it wobbles (and it's not a Weeble), it's still raw.

We all hate to clean up broken eggs. They're slimy and just plain messy. However, if you sprinkle the mess heavily with salt, the egg will wipe up easily.

Have an egg or two for breakfast. And enjoy!

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Aubrey said...

Do duck eggs taste very different from chicken eggs?